The Wellness Box

Let’s talk all the essentials, non-toxic products & even better-American Made.

So, what’s in the box? Well, essentials to stock your cleaning supplies, pantry, and bathroom counter. That’s just where we are getting started! There are over 450 items available through the online wellness store(did I mention Amazon speed shipping?) that provide non-toxic, safer products than a lot of what we see on the shelf.

I know, I’re thinking “Mary, it really matter what I’m cleaning with?” And the answer is YES! After trying these products, comparing ingredient lists, and diving into clinical research, I realized the health hazards associated with the everyday products in my cabinets. Did you know that that 1 in 6 stay-on cosmetics and 1 in 4 rinse-off products contain a formaldehyde releaser (Fonacier et al., 2015)? This made me stop and think. The long-term everyday use of products DOES mean something. This was just one reason why I chose to clean with products that are ‘clean’.

Now, these products are made with safe and effective ingredients that are natural or plant-based. I loved this aspect of wellness. Another great thing, is you get one bottle to clean, and you can refill the entire bottle 6 times with the cleaning concentrate, just add water! This keeps things green for the environment and your wallet.

And one of the aspects I love about this company is that it is based in the United States. Shopping here is stimulating our own economy and helping the American workforce. How much better does it get?

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